Star River is specializing in unmanned systems and will be offering, in addition to our core services, the opportunity to utilize a variety of Land, Sea and Air systems. We have formed synergistic partnerships with a variety of system manufacturers and/or integrators and are co-developing both unmanned and/or automated system solutions and countermeasures for those systems.  

If you are considering using Unmanned Systems Land, Sea or Air we can help guide you and identify:

  • Systems that would be best solution in your environment Land, Sea or Air
  • What type of training and support services would be required
  • We help navigate through the vast array of manufactures, regulations and laws.

Systems Risk Management 

Star River has a dedicated risk management Unmanned Systems team that has been established to provide safety and risk management support to Unmanned Systems operations. This team can support clients through the regulation, administration and risks of using unmanned platforms from initial concepts of use to daily operations.

  • Guidance on the route to achieve safe and compliant flying in accordance with national regulations.
  • Advice and support on appropriate training for potential operators 
  • Guidance on the production of mandatory regulatory documentation

Systems Operations 

Star River offer advice and project planning for all aspects of Unmanned Systems operations including deployment logistics, hardware selection and survey quality control. Through assessment of project needs and operational constraints (flying height, sensor type etc.) the Star River team can implement detailed Unmanned Systems survey planning across multiple survey types. Star River also provides the personnel required to meet any operational objective including pilots, engineers, support and data analysts.

Unmanned Systems

Unmanned Systems technology offers an innovative approach to acquiring data as part of a complete data delivery solution. The Star River Unmanned Systems teams offer data processing for Unmanned Systems survey including optical systems, lidar and magnetometer surveys. This can include digital elevation and terrain models, aerial imagery, ortho-photos, analytical signal grids and infrared photography. Star River can disseminate Unmanned Systems project data using a variety of methods. These include stand-alone data packages in industry standard formats, as GIS layer and mapping files or as web-map services hosted from our secure servers.  

Need a solution or simply just don’t know where to start to design and implement your own Unmanned Systems program? Need help understanding the differences between manufactures, regulations and laws and not sure what is the right fit for you?

Contact us and let us guide you into the right solution for your business. 

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