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unmanned systems 

COUNTERMEASURES Research &Development 

No single countermeasure is completely effective at limiting the hostile use of Unmanned Systems Air, Land or Sea


StarRiver is specializing in unmanned systems and offering the opportunity to utilize a variety of Air, Land and Sea systems. We have formed partnerships with a variety of System manufactures and integrators and are co-developing both system solutions and countermeasures for those systems. 


StarRiver has and continues compiling a Research Database of ongoing development towards civilian Unmanned Systems Technology and Incidents around the world. Now is the time to examine the potential threat from unmanned systems and start devising countermeasures that can actually thwart their use in the air, on the ground, and under water. 

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Unmamnned systems mission 

Our mission is the analyses, testing and co-development of various detection, response technologies and systems to establish a Defense Solution for various threats from unmanned systems including rogue and intentional acts