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Join the CUAS Coalition Security Industry Alliance
Join the CUAS Coalition Security Industry Alliance

Star River, Inc. Partners with CUAS Coalition 

​​by james a. acevedo, cpp, cps

Star River, Inc. Partners with CUAS Coalition to become spokesmen and help represent the Security Industry. 

 To the Security Industry, 

All of us in the Security Industry share some common goals such as the protection of Life and Property. However, because of competition we have not united in our common goal. For too many years we have been in our individual functional and organizational silo’s. We now have a huge opportunity that we, as an industry, need to collectively pool our resources, influence and community.

For a number of years now I have been evaluating the positive and negative aspects of how unmanned systems and/or automation can and will impact security in the future. Realizing the future, I even started my own company called Star River. With an unorthodox understanding of Risk, Security, Technology & Unmanned System I realized that the future of security industry will be incorporating a combination of these technologies.

We are now at a crossroad here in North America. Our industry would like the opportunity to use and/or counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). The emerging commercial Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) industry can transform our existing approach to many aspects of security and safety. UAS technology is advancing rapidly and offers the potential to become powerful tool and/or a weapon. UAS and Counter UAS technologies should be regulated and technology developed to benefit and combat the potential threat. Currently UAS’s are already enhancing disaster response, inspections, and news gathering opportunities.

Unmanned systems and robotics automation technology offer incredible potential and opportunity for the security industry. The possibilities for tomorrow's UAS applications are almost endless.

Unfortunately, technology has moved more quickly than policymaking. And UAS integration efforts have lagged the pace of UAS innovation in the United States. The ability to fully realize the vast economic and consumer potential of commercial UAS technology will be affected by legislative and regulatory actions.

Currently operations are prohibited or allowed only through burdensome waiver or exemption processes. The current UAS regulatory situation, with its highly restrictive framework, imposes significant opportunity costs on American businesses. In addition to commercial UAS operations, there are restrictions related to flying over people or beyond visual line of sight.

The use of C-UAS is highly restricted within the United States, except for use on military installations and special situations that threaten national security.C-UAS restrictions are in place by a combination of FAA and FCC regulations and federal laws. There are approximately 16 regulations or laws that prevent the use and research of C-UAS technology that can mitigate a UAS in flight. For deployment of C-"UAS to move forward, it will require a concerted effort of federal agencies and Congress to address these laws and regulations. Changes to regulations and laws must address the authorized use and limit the liability when used. The very fact that UAS is defined as an aircraft eliminates almost every means of mitigation. If the regulations and laws are not addressed, C-UAS technology that is proven to be operationally effective will not be able to be implemented.

Presently, research and development (R&D) of C-UAS in the United States is restricted primarily to the DoD and is outlined in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2017, which allows DoD to use and conduct C-UAS research and development on military bases. While this helps to advance C-UAS, it does not include other localities or venues. The inclusion of other localities, venues and organizations will be critical to the protection of civilian facilities mentioned previously. 

The good news is that there is now an imminent opportunity to engage with the United States Congress and the Executive Branch of the U.S. government. The opportunity to educate policymakers about UAS technology and the industry, and to advocate (lobby) for new policies and regulatory environment. These proposals can result in the proper balance between safety and greater use of UAS technology in the security industry. Federal legislation is pending in the United States Congress which, if passed, would significantly advance the ability of various stakeholders, including the private security industry, to use UAS technology.

It is essential that the private security industry directly engage with Members of Congress and policymakers at the Federal Aviation Administration, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Homeland Security, among others. The hope is to help them realize the significant business opportunities that would be available to the industry if UAS related laws and regulations were less restrictive.

Congress will pass this UAS legislation by July and after that, the opportunities to change the rules in our favor will be extremely limited.

Star River has partnered with the Counter Unmanned Systems Coalition (CUAS Coalition) to become spokesmen and help represent the Security Industry. The Washington, D.C. Counter-UAS Coalition has been established to promote R & D as well as advocate with the U.S. Congress and the relevant Federal agencies for changes in law and regulation that will allow for greater use of counter-UAS technology by asset owners and end-users. The Coalition consists of these stakeholders as well as leading C-UAS manufacturers.

We do not have the luxury of time if we are to favorably affect this process. Join Star River’s Security Industry Alliance by supporting the CUAS Coalition. It is critical that the private security industry, which potentially could derive a valuable benefit from the use of C-UAS, engage with policymakers on these critical issues, and a smart and effective way to do that would be to become a Member of the Coalition. For more information on how to get your voices heard please contact James A. Acevedo, Star River or Jeff Anders and Rob Thompson, CUAS to support the CUAS Coalition Security Industry Alliance.

CUAS Coalition - and be sure to reference the Security Industry Alliance.

For more information about the C-UAS Coalition, and to learn about membership, see the website or contact the Co-Founders - Jeff Anders ( or Rob Thompson (