The robots are coming…The robots are coming! By Air, Land and Sea.

With each day that passes technology keeps inching forward becoming smarter, smaller, faster and more interconnected. In addition to the cost for these technologies also continues to drop. These same technologies are what is fueling the spontaneous growth and popularity of Unmanned Systems along with the simplicity of their use.

Boo haoww FAA

Well it seems the Holiday Knee Jerk was in full affect when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) decided to require Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to register under the new “Registration Rule.”

The Holiday Knee-Jerk

We are now neck deep in what seems to be an endless barrage of aerial systems (drones). As we round the bend with Thanksgiving next week we head into another Holiday Season (aka Christmas) with children, young and old, already leaving subtle hints to their families as to what they would like. However, as with the 'Red Rider BB Gun' and stanch warnings of 'shooting ones eye out', people will flock in droves to purchase the coveted “drones”. 

“The Doom and Gloom of the Drone Revolution”

After a recent presentation at the ASIS Toronto best practices seminar one of the attendees asked if I had any good news and I responded no. Later that evening I realized the perception of how much doom and gloom my presentation had. I have been talking about unmanned systems for some time now and every day I learn something new.

Drones, Drones, Drones Part Deux

I recently had a conversation with a good friend he was telling me that he has been dealing issues from Remote Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS) commonly called Drones. He explained that several of his tenants in the building have reported “drone” sightings over the last few months.

Kidnapping and Cargo Hijacking Mexico

Several years ago I had an opportunity to interview a young man that was involved in a kidnapping in Mexico. I recently had an opportunity to talk and catch up with him last month. Subsequently since the incident Sam is recovering he still has "bad dreams" and deals with posttraumatic stress disorder. He has met a girl and is living with his family. He also has received a large settlement from his previous employer because of the company’s lackadaisical attitude about security in Mexico. I think Sam talking to me from time to time is somehow therapeutic for him. I promised Sam I would tell his story often in order to maybe raise awareness enough so this wouldn't happen to someone else.

Drones, Drones, Drones

Since co-presenting on The Emerging Security Threat from Unmanned Vehicles at ASIS Atlanta 2014, it seems the “Drone” craze is figuratively taking off. During my preparation for the presentation I read countless articles, papers, books have had dozens of emails, telephone conversations and interviewed several experts. I quickly realized how much good and bad can come from this technology. However, the same can be said for any of man’s innovations throughout history.

Challenge "SECURITY" to improve its effectiveness

The challenge for professionals is to identify those vulnerabilities. I have found most professionals like to think they know the strengths and weaknesses of their programs. I regularly hear people say: we are the best one’s to assess our program because we know the company. However, it is amazing how quickly we can develop “blind spots” and that is the value of a third party assisting you in identifying weaknesses.

Supply Chain Security “SECURITY”

In today’s global economy we rely on each other to be a good corporate citizens to protect and preserve our way of life. Nine out of ten your wears were brought to you by someone in a Supply Chain Security program. Ultimately that someone is responsible and playing an active role in the war against terrorism. It also means that this person reaps the benefits of said program. Reduced number of inspections at the borders , priority processing (front-of-line) for US Customs and Border Protection (CBP)inspections and a several other benefits.

News & articles

Don’t believe the Hype!

It seems every day I am bombarded with emails, links and videos filled with all the cool things that Unmanned Systems (Land, Sea and Air) can do. However, I am skeptical and realistic. The evolution of technology in the last decade went from walking out of the primordial soup…to walking on the moon in less time it takes to microwave popcorn.

To a Drone -- everything is a Soft Target.

There seem to be a lot of reports, opinions and conversations with regards to “Soft Targets.” Incidents like this force us as a nation to reevaluate how we protect ourselves in our daily lives. “I think we do know that terrorist organizations have an interest in using drones. We’ve seen that overseas already with some growing frequency. And I think the expectation is that it’s coming here imminently. I think they are relatively easy to acquire, relatively easy to operate, and quite difficult to disrupt and monitor.”

Star River Inc. Partners with Aerotronic.

Toronto, Canada - Indianapolis, IN:  Today Star River Inc. and Aerotronic are proud to announce their partnership to create Unmanned Security Systems. The partnership will allow for the co-development of both unmanned and/or automated Security System Solutions Land, Sea and Air.

Orlando Massacre… Security Providers better WAKE UP!!!

Shares in G4S have fallen heavily after the UK security services company said Omar Mateen, who killed 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, was an employee. The security services firm says it carried detailed screenings on hiring Omar Mateen in 2007 and again in 2013 with no adverse findings.

Star River Inc. Partners with CUAS Coalition .

We do not have the luxury of time if we are to favorably affect this process. Join Star River’s Security Industry Alliance by supporting the CUAS Coalition. For more information on how to get your voices heard please contact James A. Acevedo, Star River or Rob Thompson, CUAS to support the CUAS Coalition Security Industry Alliance.

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Security Year 2020 (Robots, Drones & ?)

The days of minimum wage “Guards” is coming to an end. The future will be a marriage of Technology and Human Interaction. We as an industry are long past due for an upgrade. Decades of bad habits and low margins is unsustainable.

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Unintended Consequences of the Revolution

The #DroneRevolution is much more than just drones.  It is all things that will one day display fully autonomous behavior. The cars we drive, the homes we live in, security robots and all the crazy things people are trying to do just to deliver a simple pizza.