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Charles "Chuck" Andrews - MSME, CPP, CFE, CFCI, ICPS 


​Thirty-five (35) years of Law Enforcement, Corporate Security, Business Risk and Consulting professional experience, training and education in both domestic and international venues, organizations and corporations in the physical (traditional) & virtual (logical) security industries. 

A security industry expert demonstrating global & functional competencies in multiple business environments, law enforcement and the corporate security (virtual & traditional) industry in the form of top-level certifications, degrees and significant real-world work experience positively impacting business operations across industry, both in the private and public sector. Successfully identifies emerging issues & technologies impacting security programs in the business environment on a local, state, national & international scale to the benefit of the business as value-add and cost/benefit plus. Further, has identified & demonstrated RISK/THREAT mitigation strategies involving millions of dollars in ROI with national impact to the benefit of a Fortune 250 corporation. 

Accumulated, leveraged and maintained over 5,000 direct relationships and ~27,000 working contacts in the law enforcement (foreign, federal, state & local) and corporate security sector across varied corporations and organizations through FRIENDS OF CHUCK (FOC). 

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