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Star River (SR) has formed synergistic partnerships with a variety of Groups, Companies, System Manufacturers and/or Integrators and are co-developing both unmanned and/or automated system solutions and countermeasures for those systems.  

For example, Star River (SR) and The Abbey Grey Group (AGG), headquartered in the United Kingdom, have formed a synergistic partnership in response to popular demand and the current world phenomenon surrounding ‘Unmanned Systems’. The partnership will lead the way as ‘trail blazers’ offering Specialist Security Services coupled with Unmanned Solutions over Land ,Sea, Air .

The Abbey Grey Group is one of the world’s leading specialist security companies. The Abbey Grey Group maintains a commercial consultancy department that specializes in the development of international businesses in the more operationally difficult areas of the world and aims to facilitate the identification and understanding of the risks specific to a client, its location and its operations. Mitigating the risks at the outset will protect the operations, ensure reputation and fulfill duty of care criteria, all of which will ultimately contribute to increasing profitability and operational success.

Headquartered in London and fully operational in most countries, the Abbey Grey Group is able to report in most languages and has long established, strong connections with international corporate organizations, Governments and various national security services. Our objective is to always seek and secure the most competitive of advantages for clients in all their dealings, no matter where in the world those advantages may be found. 

SR specialize in the ground breaking delivery of training, operation and after care of Unmanned Systems. SR offer the opportunity to utilize a variety of different Air, Land and Sea system solutions that fit exactly with the current needs and circumstances of any client. Through their vast knowledge of both the security and systems’ industries, SR are able to ensure potential clients’ purchase the correct systems model to fit exactly with their requirements, thus ultimately saving on time, money and ensuring ROI. SR are also able to offer a bespoke ground breaking service to utilize highly trained security operators to undertake covert systems surveys within a “High Risk Environment” thus avoiding jeopardizing trained employees’ lives.

Whether you need a certified pilot for a UAS mission at your facility or assistance navigating the vast array of regulatory compliance issues surrounding the UAS industry we can help. We offer a broad spectrum of on-site services and solutions from practical applications, providing flight/security operators to operate within hostile environments on behalf of a client’s survey needs, educational speakers for your next conference and pilot training courses with ongoing support. Our experts are industry leaders who are changing the ways in which UAS technology is used in both public and private sectors.

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